Member Programs

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Member Programs

Member Programs

The ONVSP supports its’ membership by sharing best practices on the following programs;

**** Not all member sites have all of the following programs. Please contact your local Victim Service Organization when looking for specific resources in your area ****

Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario (VCAO) program provides immediate, on-site and remote services to all victims of crime 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Victim Quick Response Program (VQRP) aims to provide victims of violent crime immediate and compassionate support in the aftermath of a crime. The program may provide limited financial assistance to victims of violent crime who require immediate assistance that cannot be obtained through other sources. This may include emergency trauma counseling, assistance with crime scene cleanup, emergency home safety including cell phone replacement, emergency transportation, child or dependent care and accommodations and meals and assistance with funeral expenses in the case of a homicide.

Bail Notification - The Bail Notification Program provides specially trained staff and volunteers from the community to assist victims of domestic violence and other crimes from the initial bail hearing throughout the court process. Objectives include providing the victim with release conditions, help explain the court process, act as liaison with judicial and policing partners and facilitate accessing appropriate community supports.

Family Court Support Worker Program (FCSWP) provides direct support to victims of domestic violence who are involved in the family court process. A Family Court Support Worker will provide information about the family court process, help victims prepare for family court proceedings, refer victims to other specialized services and supports in the community, help with safety planning, such as getting to and from court safely and accompany the victim to court proceedings, where appropriate.

Mobile Tracking System Program (MTS) is a high risk safety program designed as an intervention strategy to enhance the safety of individuals at risk of domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking and/or criminal harassment. Utilizing small GPS enabled devices; MTS is a partnership between Victim Services and local police services.